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HACCP/ISO Standardization 8 Years Transferable Warranty (Subterranean Termites)



A wasp is a social winged insect which has a narrow waist and


The Cochran’s croaking gecko (Aristelliger cochranae)


Trust TERMINEX PEST CONTROL to keep your property and family safe from pests! Our inspections are always prompt, courteous, professional, and FREE! (Conditions Apply)

With just a quick questionnaire and a detailed survey of your property, the highly trained team from TERMINEX PEST CONTROL will provide you with a written analysis and professional estimate to get the job done right, the first time! Our agents are standing by to serve you anytime. Trust TERMINEX PEST CONTROL! Our obligations to our clients are paramount.

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If you have been considering pest control services in Jamaica for your home or business, a major factor to consider is the long term investment you are making in preserving your building or warehouse stock. Not carefully controlling for pests can leave you with a situation that can easily get out of control. Regularly inspecting your restaurant, home, warehouse or grain storage facility for the presence of pests will help to avoid a proliferation of pests that can ruin or business or cost you millions in home repair.

IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY,please feel free to contact the office at: (876)756-2536 or (876)293-3201

Our extermination services in Jamaica will provide you the peace of mind that your family, guests and customers can enjoy your facilities without termites, cockroaches, rodents (rats and mice) or lizards showing up when you least want to see them. Controlling and exterminating pest is not just hygienic or for aesthetics. If you run a business such as food establishment of food storage facility, you may be legally required to carry out pest control and extermination exercises to ensure that your business place is pest free.

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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standardization is a systematic approach to food safety. This involves an in-depth analysis of all hazardous sources, to determine critical points at which strategies may be applied to eliminate them.