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  1. Stored items will need to be appropriately shifted to accommodate the termite elimination exercise. Such movement is to be arranged by the client.
  2. Gardening area(s) will or may be adversely affected if the plants are in the path where trenching is to be done. Please arrange with your gardener to do any replanting or major cleaning up of the area if the need arises.
  3. Tiles will be drilled (12 inches apart) and holes sealed with grout by our service team (to the same /nearest colour).
  4. Major cleaning up activities must be arranged by the owner of the property.
  5. When trenching is done, the soil is saturated with A TERMITICIDE; NO watering of lawns or gardens is to be done for 24 HOURS before & after the exercise is carried out.
  6. The property owner is responsible for repairing any underground damage to broken pipes or electrical conduits. In cases where a pipe is accidentally broken during drilling or trenching TERMINEX JAMAICA LIMITED can undertake to repair same by agreement, the cost of which will be borne by the client.
  7. Customers are asked to vacate the work area during treatment and for about 3-4 hours after completion of servicing.
  8. Giving us access to the premises as required will get the job completed as near as possible to the time estimated for its completion.