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As pest control professionals Terminex Jamaica will assess the size of the termite infestation and create a plan of action to efficiently and safely remove them. We are committed to using the safest materials and chemicals on the market to give you peace of mind and get rid of your potentially dangerous termite problem that can undermine the entire structure of your home of office building.

If you should encounter a termite control problem; rather than trying to control the infestation yourself, here is a list of reasons to hire Terminex Pest Control to manage your termite problem.

1. We will use less pesticide than you might if you try to do it yourself.. As a professional pest control team, we will only use toxins and pesticides as a last resort and only in the amounts needed to rid you of your termite problem. It is common for home-owners or businesses who try to exterminate termites themselves to apply insecticides incorrectly. This can lead to more damage to your health of your building structure and can also drive the termites further into hiding making your infestation harder to treat.

2. You expose yourself to less chemicals by using a professional pest control team.Let our professional team handle your extermination needs. Our team comes properly prepared and suited to handle the chemicals used in extermination. A lay person may not have the required equipment and protective wear to do so themselves so its always best to let the professionals handle things.

3. Get them where they hide. Our team has the equipment to drill and bore holes where needed to reach a termite infestation at the root of where they are. As professionals we are trained to recognize the patterns of a termite infestation and know where to spray to eliminate it.

4. Save Money. Termites can be extremely difficult to exterminate when using some chemicals or pesticides. Before buying expensive and potentially harmful chemicals that can injure your health; the professionals at Terminex Pest Control know the safest, most efficient method to eliminate termites that seem to always return.

5. Ensure the safety of your home or office building. Termites will burrow, gnaw, and chew through the wood that makes up to the structure of your home or office. This is a potentially dangerous situation that can result in injury to yourself or your family or employees. Getting rid of termites at the earliest possible sign is the best way to safeguard your investment and the safety of the occupants of your building.

Termites can be different that other types of pest and so may require special attention.


  • have a defined narrow, constricted waist
  • have antennae that are bent or “elbowed.”
  • have four wings, with the back, hind wings shorter than its front, fore wings
  • Ant workers are reddish or dark coloured¬† and are frequently seen in the open foraging for food
  • Ants merely dig into the wood to excavate their nests; they do not eat the wood
  • The tunnels and galleries of the carpenter ants will be very smooth and finished
  • Ants seek out moist and damaged wood in which to excavate their nests
  • have no “waist,” rather its body is more rectangular without any constriction.
  • have straight, beaded antennae
  • have four wings that are of equal size and shape. Its wings are also longer than its body
  • Termite workers are transparent, light or creamy white in color and avoid light. So they are not often seen unless their nest is disturbed
  • Termites eat the wood in which they nest
  • Termite galleries are rough and ragged, as they are filled with layers of soil and mud
  • Termites will chew right into sound wood
  • A mud tube indicates the definite presence or previous presence of termites. These are tubes built on the outside of walls or between the soil and wood through which the termites travel


There are three (3) main types of termites.

  • SUBTERRANEAN TERMITES live in the soil and must maintain contact with the ground or some other moisture source to survive. They build earthen tubes from the ground into the structure for protection from predators and to help maintain a moist environment. In some rare situations, if water and wood are available from a source other than the soil, subterranean termites can establish a colony with no ground contact. 8 years transferable warranty for subterranean termite treatment.
  • DRY-WOOD TERMITES (Chi-Chi) live inside wood and do not make contact with soil. They get the moisture they need to live from humid air. For this reason, Dry-wood termites are most common along humid coastal areas.
  • DAMP-WOOD TERMITES (Duck Ants) are usually found to infest felled timber, dead trees and stumps. One species may be found in dead limbs of living standing trees. Damp-wood termites may infest buildings or structures where timber is in contact with the soil or with moisture say from plumbing leaks, ventilation or drainage deficiencies.


  • Use pressure treated lumber for all construction when possible.
  • Remove dead trees and vegetation from your property
  • Always request to have a certified inspection done on any real estate structures before purchase.
  • Have annual inspection done to your property by a certified pest control expert.