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 A wasp is a social winged insect which has a narrow waist and a sting and is typically yellow with black stripes. It constructs a paper nest from wood pulp and raises the larvae on a diet of insects. Wasp are seasonal; from the beginning of May to about the end of October. A single wasp nest at its largest can host 5000 individuals. Its best to get the nest in the early stage of development. DO NOT try to remove wasp from your home/business. Doing so could anger the wasp and cause them to swarm. This may leave you with stings all over your body. Ouch.


Wasp sting can cause severe allergic reactions. In that case see your doctor ASAP. You can treat mild and moderate reactions to wasp stings at home. Wash the sting area with soap and water to remove as much of the venom as possible. Apply a cold pack to the wound to reduce swelling and pain. Keep the wound clean and dry to prevent infection. Call the experts. TERMINEX WASP TREATMENT will take care of your wasps.